Why your salary is a waste of money?

Are you a teen or late 20s or early 30s working for a good salary , but still not happy ! If so this blog is for you !

Good salary, but you’re not HAPPY or THE BEST !

You might be having a good salary or low or medium salary but your base or foundation is not strong. It so happened that you slogged and reached this stage with natural promotions and you’re earning a good salary.

Imagine you’re suddenly fired from your position, your team is removed from the company:

Are you ready? If you’re fired?

Are you ready to get into the role that you like, once you’re fired?

Are you currently the best in your role? Or are you just mediocre in your role?

Be the BEST in your job, do the job you like !

Do the job that you like, and you will be satisfied and often end up being the best in what you’re doing.

If you want to be a Data scientist but you ended up being a Systems administrator and now you’re a Sr. Systems administrator, earning so well, but you still want to be a Data scientist.

Take that risk !

Prepare for being a Data scientist. Take the online courses and other courses, do certifications, small side projects, hackathons in your company. Slowly get ready for the jump.

Should you jump ?

Jump !

Your salary is a waste of money.

If you’re unsure of your job, if your foundations are not strong , if you aspire to be in a different role, if you’re not really old with family responsibilities, if your job is not adding any value to your long-term career:

your salary is a waste of money ! Jump !

The salary that you’re earning without having a confidence in your abilities is a waste of money*.

Conditions apply: If there’s a family that’s depending on you and you have to run a house, this may not apply for you. Otherwise this may apply for you !

How should you make your salary worth the money and time and your career?

Do the job that you like. Jump !

Let me explain the financials:

Are you in India? (US, covered little below)

If you’re a low salary person earning Rs.200/hr, give up on your job and find a job that you like. It is okay !

Why , because think about it !

If you’re earning Rs.200/hr , what is your monthly income?

Rs.200x40hrsx4weeks = Rs.32000

And you get a raise of 10% in the India, your salary will go to INR 34000 post tax cut.

An average house in Bangalore, India costs around Rs.60,00,000. With this pay scale and a gradual increase of salary of 10–20%, it takes nearly 20 years to pay off the house loan for an average house.

Now you tell me, would you continue with a job like this or take up a job that that pays you less now, but trains you well in the current role, so it adds more worth to your career in the future.

I would choose the latter.

Are you in US ?

Same is the case in US as well:

If you’re earning $25/hr , what is your monthly income?

$25 x 40hrs x 4weeks = US $4000

And you get a raise of 10% in the US, your salary will go to $4300 post tax cut.

What are you going to do with this money in the long run? You will end up paying your house for 20–25 years with this salary.

But when you’re young or you can afford, take that risk, put that extra effort, learn new things, and even if they pay you little less, go do that job, if it ends up paying you better in the longer run.

After the transition, would you be working under someone who’s less experienced than you?

That is okay ! You take 2 steps backwards to jump 10 steps forwards. You will learn fast and soon transition to a better role in a different company. This current role , under a younger person, is just a stepping stone. Be patient !

It is okay to

take 2 step backwards, and sprint 10 steps forward ! You’re an arrow !


Be on top of your game when you’re in a corporate company, you don’t know when you get fired. If you do the job that you like you will be on top of your game most of the times.

If you’re not doing the job that you like, get it and do it right away, at the cost of your current salary and position. That will make you happier in the long run ! Take that risk !



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Ram Pulipati


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