Per month expense in Vancouver, BC, Canada? How much ?

Relocating to Vancouver with a PR? How much does it cost?

Ram Pulipati
3 min readMay 2, 2022


If you’re relocating to Vancouver BC, Canada with a PR or any other visa, it's helpful to know how much it costs to live here in this beautiful city.

Beautiful Vancouver BC

I will give the expenses for a couple. You can split it into a half, for one individual.

Let’s do an easy breakup: (all currencies in CAD, per month)

House rent: 1700$ for a single bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen, a balcony with stove, fridge, ovens, washing machine, parking lot, etc with a den (an office room). The total size is about 650s.ft. Vancouver is almost as expensive as Seattle or the Bay area from my experience. This is like Mumbai of India, when it comes to geography, it's landlocked by sea and mountains.

Grocery expenses: about 250$ per month if you’re buying normal stuff. If you’re buying organic and high-end stuff it will be about 400$ per month.

Internet: About 100$ per month. (It’s very expensive)

Phone bills: 150$ per month for 2 people. (It’s very expensive)

Current or electricity bills: about 50-70$ per month. This is called the hydro bill here.

House insurance: $20

So it comes to a total of about: 1700+250+100+150+60+20 = 2400$

This is the expense in Surrey city, a suburb of Vancouver. Vancouver city expenses will also be the same amount. If you go to Richmond, or North Vancouver the expenses may go up by 20%.

But it will be around 2400–2500$ to live in Vancouver for a married couple.

If a single person has to live, it will be about 1000$-1200$.

Restaurant expenses

Restaurants are very expensive here in Vancouver. A couple would end up paying 50–60$ every time a meal is eaten out. Assuming 2 meals every week, its about 8 meals per month.

Take a conservative estimate of 8*50$ = 400$ per month for eating out.

Now total expenses = 2400+400 = 2800$ per…



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