My recent Product Management interview experience

14 Interview questions + Interview tips

Ram Pulipati


I recently went through multiple interviews, but I want to share with you one of the Product management interview experiences I had with a big company. I want to keep the information about the company private but I want to share the interview experiences and questions that I had with the company.

Real PM interview questions below PC: Aha ! PM tools

Let’s jump right into it…

Round — 1!

First I had the managers round where there were 2 managers that came online. The round is a 1hr session and is divided into 2 phases. The first 30min is about my work experience and for the next 30min they had a set of 10 questions that they wanted to ask me.

For the first 30min, these were the questions:

  • what is the project you’re proud of?

.. and then they picked one project from my resume that they liked, and they poked it deeply

  • why is this product (my project) successful?

I spoke about the revenue of the product and how it deeply addressed the customer needs

  • how did you learn about the customers?

I spoke about how I used to dedicate time to various marketing, sales, and customer operations channels to learn about the customers.

  • why did you pivot the product?

I spoke about how covid had changed customers' mindsets about travel, and how the market trends started to emerge after covid. And I told how we evolved our product to fit the changing consumer and market trends.

  • what’s the vision of the company?

You can find this in multiple books or browse in Google — what’s the difference between vision, strategy, and roadmap? You must learn that.

  • how the product is launched?

As a PM, I was hands-on with product launches and the feedback after product launches. So I spoke about the alpha, the beta, the final, and pivot launches of the product, and I also spoke about the expected results vs achieved results of these launches.

  • how is it tested with customers in each launch?



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