My Product Manager interview with an e-commerce company

… answers & templates included

Ram Pulipati
5 min readMay 1, 2023

This is a furniture e-commerce company and I had an interview for a product manager role. Here are the questions from the first round. The first round is with HR however the questions are very much PM related.

He spoke about the interview flow, and how the interview was going to go and then started asking questions.

product management interview questions, from: upmatech

The first question is the most obvious:


Tell me about yourself

A mistake that we all do is by giving a high-level walk-through of our resume. But in one of the conversations with the CEO of my company, he told me that it is the most boring and ineffective introduction he will ever want to know.

An effective self-introduction would be built around the impact you made in your work experience.

Something like …

I’m Ram I’m currently a product manager with Plotly. I’m currently working on 2 product portfolios — 1st one is to increase our inbound leads by 10x by implementing a free trial feature and the 2nd one is to reduce the installation friction of our dash tool by 30% thereby leading to better customer onboarding. Before Plotly, I was a PM with SP Global working to…



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