10 Most Common F1 Visa interview questions

MS in US, F1 Student Visa Questions

Ram Pulipati
3 min readJun 5, 2022

How many backlogs did you have ?

I had a few backlogs across 2–3 semesters, but i cleared all of them now. I am weak in Math and Core computer science courses , it took me sometime ….

International students go through a lot of effort and stress to get through the F1 interview and admission process to reach the US and pursue a career there. All kudos to you !

I was talking to a lot of people recently that have attended the F1 visa interviews. I have attended the interview a few years ago and spoke with a lot of people in the recent days who took the interviews. The questions I prepared for 8 years ago, and the questions I have seen candidates prepare for now haven’t changed much. So here are the list of questions.

1.Who’s sponsoring your education ?

Self financed: you or your family may be sponsoring your education without any loans. if you have good supporting narrative, that should be okay. otherwise you may have to come up with a good narrative or story that supports your case.

education loan: this is easy, your have a loan to pay your education.

GA or TA, makes it much more easier

nobody will ask for financial proofs, we all keep them as backup, that’s okay. but no one is gonna ask you to show ’em.



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