52 Things You Need To Know to Move from India to Canada?

Since I have stayed in Seattle for quite some time and returned to India and then again came back to Canada (Vancouver), I am used to North American life. So I didn't have any landing shock or culture shock, however, I would like to give you some survival tips for Canada/Vancouver BC/North America.

What’s in this blog?

  1. 19 Living tips in US/Canada
  2. 30 Vancouver BC specific tips/things
  3. 3 reasons, Why you should not come here?
  4. Some photos
  5. Conclusion

Living tips

If you’re coming to North America (US/Canada) for the first time:

  1. Be ready to use waterless toilets
  2. The driving wheel (steering) is on the left side of the vehicle, and the road rules change accordingly
  3. Don't honk unless absolutely necessary, it's offensive
  4. Cars have to maintain a 6" distance between each other
  5. Tissues in restaurants are called napkins here
  6. Every person has a “personal bubble” here, so maintain that physical distance when outside. (even though it's not covid)
  7. Do “Thank”, express “sorry” and use “please” — whenever and wherever possible
  8. Increase your network or referrals, that matters here more than your GPA or %
  9. Huuuuge supermarkets with gigantic parking lots welcome you
  10. Broad roads with organized traffic
  11. Clean roads, with no trash or littering or spitting
  12. Public parks with good amenities (tennis courts , base ball courts, basket ball courts, cricket pitches etc)
  13. Drink water from your kitchen taps or even your bathroom taps
  14. Jetlag is a real thing
  15. Be prepared to eat bland food or cook at home
  16. Usually, there’s Spring season (where most of the cities turn green and colorful)
  17. And then there’s Fall season (where most trees shed )
  18. Get a lot of food when you’re landing, so your initial cravings are taken care of
  19. Get good winter clothing, otherwise be ready to face the wrath of the weather

Vancouver BC specific tips/things:

  1. Beautiful mountains, beaches, and parks greet you
  2. Beautiful hikes around the city
  3. Beautiful flowers and green streets during Spring season
  4. Victoria island is beautiful, and Victoria is capital of BC state
  5. Clean & fresh air
  6. A great food scene with a lot of authentic different cuisines (Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Ukrainian, you name it )
  7. Surrey is full of Indian people
  8. North Vancouver is much nicer
  9. You get really authentic Punjabi food here
  10. You get very decent Tamilnadu food and dosas here
  11. You get very authentic dum biryanis from Core kitchens in Langley
  12. You get a decent number of Indian vegetable varieties here (in Surrey)
  13. Vancouver is very very expensive (pubs & restaurants, rentals etc are expensive)
  14. Go to Seattle outlet malls and get great discounts on clothes
  15. Phone and internet are expensive
  16. 7 months are cloudy and drizzling, it gets depressing, maintain a good social circle
  17. Try to live in apartments, with amenities (such as — badminton, swimming pool etc), that’s where you can socialize
  18. Get a great winter clothing or buy it from Columbia (its worth investing)
  19. Here its kilometers, kilograms and litres vs miles, pounds and gallon in US
  20. Vancouver is a very diverse city ( European, American, Asian, Indian etc live here) and you can witness the diversity very obviously
  21. Public transportation within the city is very good
  22. “Metro trains” are called “sky trains” here
  23. Water from kitchen tap is very good to drink (82 TDS) I measured it
  24. Jobs go in referrals or you better have Canadian or American experience. Tech or IT jobs are relatively easier to crack
  25. Tech is underdeveloped and its less in daily life (Doordash is not as good as Swiggy in India, Gpay or Phonepe payments are not here yet, you don't have apps to book stadiums or courts or form teams like Playo does)
  26. Government offices or work is very slow, be patient
  27. Health is free. Example: you walk into a diagnostic center, take the required scans and walk out with reports without paying anything. not all scans are free, but the vitals or essentials ones are
  28. Health offices or hospitals are time-taking to book appointments, they’re not quick
  29. Schooling is free
  30. Crime is present, and it's horrifying sometimes (to watch the crime captured on camera in public spots in broad daylight)

and the list goes on …. as I remember, I will add more.

Why you shouldn’t move?

  1. you will miss family a lot
  2. the pay or the salaries aren’t as good as in the US and Vancouver is very very expensive
  3. tech or IT industry is still up and coming here, not as developed as Hyderabad or Bengaluru or Gurgaon

Some photos of Vancouver

cherry blossoms vancouver
Yale town, Vancouver
Light house beach in Vancouver


I gave a total of 52 tips or things on why should or should not move here. The decision is yours. But I would say ..

Vancouver is a great city, with stunning beauty. You will feel it home after 1–2 months of landing here. As an Indian immigrant, you will find the right mix of Indian things and non-Indian things. If you’re planning to move here, go for it!

If you don't like it, you can always move back ! It's worth taking a chance, for Vancouver BC.




Life is transient. A PM, a Startup founder, was an SDE. Lived & worked in USA, Canada & India. Love startups/Data? Let’s talk: www.linkedin.com/in/janakiramvit

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Ram Pulipati

Ram Pulipati

Life is transient. A PM, a Startup founder, was an SDE. Lived & worked in USA, Canada & India. Love startups/Data? Let’s talk: www.linkedin.com/in/janakiramvit

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