How to get a job in US? 8 methods that work !

Are you a foreign Masters student? Read it, pay your loans !

Ram Pulipati
4 min readFeb 16, 2021
  1. Are you a Masters student, landed in US ?
  2. Do you have a deep education loan ?
  3. Do you have to get a job to pay it back ?
  4. Do you have to get a job within 3 months of completion of your course or you will be sent out of the US ?
Deep Student loans in US !

Then this blog is for you !

In US, no matter how good your college is , nobody comes for a campus placement, you have to apply for and get a job !

Getting a job is your skill, but landing an interview is an art !

In this blog, I will tell you how to land an interview in the US.

How do you land an interview?

  1. Job portals: such as LinkedIn, Indeed, company websites (amazon, google etc) and more. You will know it. There are no worries here. Your resume or application goes through the due process and if you’re good enough, you will get a call.

2. Know the HR and contact: If you pay for Linkedin Premium, you will know the HR that posted the job. That way you can reach out to the HR directly on LinkedIn and send your resume. If the HR likes it, in her 30 sec glance or keyword match, she might refer you ! And you can land an interview.

3. Know an internal employee: If you know someone inside the big 5 tech companies or the company that has an open position, the internal employees know who is the manager and the HR for the position. You can ask him/her to directly send your resume to the HR or the manager, if they like you, you will get an interview call. If they do not like your resume, its okay, who cares ! You’re just among one of the 100 other applicants !

4. Don’t know any internal employee?: That’s okay too !

Know the internal employee by sending a request on LinkedIn. Send a LinkedIn request to 10 employees inside a company and tell them that there’s an open position, and explain why you’re eligible for that position. One of those 10 will definitely refer you, for 2 reasons,

  1. employees get hefty referral bonuses if you get hired on their referral or
  2. employees know how difficult it is to land a job, hence they will help you if you’re a genuine candidate

5. Referrals from Seniors/Friends: Be nice to your seniors or friends in your college. Sometimes, all you need is 1 good referral from your senior or your classmate and you will land in an interview. The network matters, being at the right place at the right time. Be shameless.

6. Referrals from College placement office: sometimes, this happens. your college placement office or program co-ordinator can help you sometimes in getting you a referral. So in US, the network matters.

Be shameless ! Go talk ! Ask ! It really helps !

7. 100s of Applications: if you do not get a call dont be worried. Apply for 300-400 jobs. I mean it

Apply for 300–400 jobs ! 100s of application.

And it will work out. That’s how many applications it takes, many a time, to land in a dream job. So dont be discouraged if you do not get a call after 10 applications. There are 1000s of applicants, its not just you !

Maintain an excel sheet, keep track of your applications. Example template:

Date || Company Applied || Position || Recruiter or Manager name || Result || Login user name || Login password

Spend 45–60 min daily for your job applications.

There will be multiple versions of resume, they keep changing dont worry. For each company and a job description there will be different resumes.

8. The final silver bullet: You spend your time applying + pass your resume to your siblings who have 60min daily free time. Tell them to apply for you on your behalf. More applications, more chance !

Take your friends or brothers or sisters help !

Let them apply for you on your behalf !

If you’re in a lucky few, your internship will convert into a full-time and you do not have to go through much of this.

But it is okay, work hard, get there and have fun.

To conclude

These tips will only land you in a job interview. And after that it depends on your skill of course !

Create a LinkedIn profile and a resume as soon as you get into the US. And start following the tips , you will land an interview for sure !

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