How Ram Gopal Varma is revolutionizing world cinema?

I feel a product leader is someone who figures out ways to create new revenue streams by creating new products.

And when Corona pandemic is here, theatres are shut.

Is it possible to create new revenue streams? Yes !

Empty theatres during Corona Pandemic, No revenues (by Felix Mooneeram)

Key topics:

  • Identify gaps [my favorite]
  • Address the gap
  • Build within Budget
  • Pricing models[my favorite]
  • Market the product
  • Sell it
  • Downsides [my favorite]

Identify gaps [my favorite]

In the current Indian cinema, and also Telugu cinema, these are the genres that aren’t addressed.

  1. Erotica
  2. Erotic thrillers
  3. Short pun movies on celebrities

In India, the first 2 genres are not considered mainstream. The final one is only permitted to YouTube memes.

The target audience for these genres will be the younger generation, mostly. And these movies are watch-on-phone movies than watch in-tv/theatre-movies.

Address the gaps


  1. so much young population in India,
  2. world’s second largest mobile phone population,
  3. lockdown in force
  4. and OTT on rise

what better moment to address these gaps, than now.

Build within budget

Build a movie has a lot of technicalities. Let’s not go there.

But building a product within the MOST minimal budgets ,possible, you must give it to Ram Gopal Varma’s knack.

Most commonly — shooting movies in a single location, or an economic camera equipment, or low cost star cast, or a first-timer technical crew, or not relying on the standard film unions/associations — reduces his budgets by about 70%-90%.

Pricing models [my favorite]

This has been the most interesting part so far.

Price of INR 25/- for watching a trailer?

  1. Price for watching a trailer.

Yes, you pay a price to watch a trailer. INR 25 per view.

2. How about virtual theatres?

There are OTTs like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar etc. But RGV opens a virtual theatre ( and he plans to release his movies there, not all, but most of the movies that are shot during lockdown.

3. Pay per view for movie

It’s not OTT subscription model, but you pay upto INR.250 per view for each movie (40 min runtime). Watching a 2.5hr movie in an up-scale multiplex in a posh mall in India would cost about the same price. Revolutionary pricing !!!

4. Black pricing

Pre-book 1 day before, its INR 150. But book an hour before, its INR 250.

These are never heard before pricing models in the movie business.

RGV, an extreme product leader — Identifying the gaps, Addressing them, Building solutions within budgets and Revolutionary pricing models — prove that.

Do you think all of this is easy? NO WAY. You have to pay the price for new ideas. People resist new ideas.

What obstacles did RGV face, how did the market react, what happened next, how did he make money, coming soon .. Keep watching this space.



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