Part-1: how footwear were sustainable ! NO B.S. blog

Currently the world pollution is due to abundance.

We want more shoes than needed, more clothes than needed, more fashion than needed, more items than needed.

Q: Abundance causes ______ ?

Answer: pollution

How is that ?

We own more shoes or footwear…

Explained “risk-taking” with financials and numbers !

Are you a teen or late 20s or early 30s working for a good salary , but still not happy ! If so this blog is for you !

Good salary, but you’re not HAPPY or THE BEST !

You might be having a good salary or low or medium salary but your base or foundation is not strong. It…

Why MVP is a wrong strategy for your startup

MVP basics

MVP: Minimum viable product

When you set out to build a MVP , this happens:

  1. Brainstorm a product or idea, document the scope and MVP
  2. You build a MVP for your company
  3. release to market
  4. product-market testing
  5. get feedback and
  6. improvise on it further.

But there’s a catch here or…

Corporates make you lazy ! Startup vs Corporate !

I worked in corporate in the US and also in India (Expedia, and Wipro). As of now, I work in a startup in India that is a size of just 8 people.

There are stark differences in the work culture, learnings, speed, stress, rewards and many more.

But I would…

Are you a foreign Masters student? Read it, pay your loans !

  1. Are you a Masters student, landed in US ?
  2. Do you have a deep education loan ?
  3. Do you have to get a job to pay it back ?
  4. Do you have to get a job within 3 months of completion of your course or you will be sent out…

Are you dumb to read this blog or Am I dumb writing this?

What is the agenda of this blog?

Let’s just funnily explore

  1. what is a meme
  2. why is a meme so good to consume
  3. global vs local memes
  4. caution while using memes
  5. conclude

What is a meme?

Are you OLD ?? (

Let me tell you what is a meme .. Let’s begin with ..

  1. Where are the memes present? Memes are present on Social media.
  2. Why…

Failure story? But not really !!!

This is a failure story of me, but , may not be really !

I prepared for IIT JEE, i failed.

Broken cup of life ?

But i later realized, Preparing for IITs are a waste of time, because of various reasons.

  1. globally they don’t hold a great rank
  2. preparing for IITs are so tough…

MS in US, which college to choose from multiple admits?

Have you done all this?

  1. cleared GRE, TOEFL/IELTS
  2. applied for your universities
  3. got your admits from your favorite colleges

now, which college should I choose?

UT Dallas or University of Arizona or University of Oklahoma or Texas A&M or University of Houston or UW, Seattle …… and the list goes on .. !!

It is…

Keep your Testers, Stakeholders, Developers, Customers Happy !

If a project takes more than 2 weeks to release, either break down the problem and release in chunks, each sprint, or say NO !

Keep your Testers, Stakeholders, Developers, Customers Happy !

Divide and Resolve. or say NO !

Why NO?

Because the project becomes uncontrollable.

Why uncontrollable ?

Easiest way to get away to a jungle (safari + resort) !

Traveling to a jungle? Amazing idea !

Because, you have to Book :

  1. a stay in jungle
  2. nature walks or bird watching
  3. a safari to see the wildlife

Stay in Jungle

Easy, you can book it yourself, from Google.

But there’s a catch !

Ram Pulipati

Tech, travel, life thoughts !

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