Part-1: how footwear were sustainable ! NO B.S. blog

Currently the world pollution is due to abundance.

We want more shoes than needed, more clothes than needed, more fashion than needed, more items than needed.

More than what we need = abundance

Q: Abundance causes ______ ?

Answer: pollution

How is that ?

We own more shoes or footwear than needed. Once they become old, we might discard them, or donate them to someone else.

If we discard them , look what happens.


If we donate them , what happens? The same thing: they will again be discarded.

These discarded shoes are dumped into the oceans. Look at that:

Explained “risk-taking” with financials and numbers !

Are you a teen or late 20s or early 30s working for a good salary , but still not happy ! If so this blog is for you !

You might be having a good salary or low or medium salary but your base or foundation is not strong. It so happened that you slogged and reached this stage with natural promotions and you’re earning a good salary.

Imagine you’re suddenly fired from your position, your team is removed from the company:

Are you ready? If you’re fired?

Are you ready to get into the role that you like, once…

Why MVP is a wrong strategy for your startup

MVP basics

MVP: Minimum viable product

When you set out to build a MVP , this happens:

  1. Brainstorm a product or idea, document the scope and MVP
  2. You build a MVP for your company
  3. release to market
  4. product-market testing
  5. get feedback and
  6. improvise on it further.

But there’s a catch here or pitfalls in this model.

You cannot apply this model to companies or startups of all sizes. This is probably applicable to a few scenarios where there’s tight money situation.

MVP is for those companies that are extremely tight on money.

backlog of tasks, read more to understand !

Why MVP may not work for you?

Say for example you’re a company with 10 employees or…

Corporates make you lazy ! Startup vs Corporate !

I worked in corporate in the US and also in India (Expedia, and Wipro). As of now, I work in a startup in India that is a size of just 8 people.

There are stark differences in the work culture, learnings, speed, stress, rewards and many more.

But I would like to tell you why if you’re a 20-something you should work for a startup rather than a corporate. But working for a corporate has its advantages too , in early 20s ! Let me discuss that in a different blog.

Startup or Corporate ?

Why should you work for a startup in early 20s ?

Learning: how about learning something that a corporate teaches…

Are you a foreign Masters student? Read it, pay your loans !

  1. Are you a Masters student, landed in US ?
  2. Do you have a deep education loan ?
  3. Do you have to get a job to pay it back ?
  4. Do you have to get a job within 3 months of completion of your course or you will be sent out of the US ?
Deep Student loans in US !

Then this blog is for you !

In US, no matter how good your college is , nobody comes for a campus placement, you have to apply for and get a job !

Getting a job is your skill, but landing an interview is an art…

Are you dumb to read this blog or Am I dumb writing this?

What is the agenda of this blog?

Let’s just funnily explore

  1. what is a meme
  2. why is a meme so good to consume
  3. global vs local memes
  4. caution while using memes
  5. conclude

What is a meme?

Are you OLD ?? (

Let me tell you what is a meme .. Let’s begin with ..

  1. Where are the memes present? Memes are present on Social media.
  2. Why do people go to social media? To have fun . . to have their happy hormones instigated
  3. How will those hormones get instigated? Through instant funny stuff

That instant funny photo, that makes you laugh or smile or relax for that moment is a meme.

Failure story? But not really !!!

This is a failure story of me, but , may not be really !

I prepared for IIT JEE, i failed.

Broken cup of life ?

But i later realized, Preparing for IITs are a waste of time, because of various reasons.

  1. globally they don’t hold a great rank
  2. preparing for IITs are so tough and time consuming
  3. after IITs what is the payscale ?
  4. brand value of your degree forever?
  5. starting a startup?

What did I do?

I was one of the IIT aspirants, toiled , and failed get into one of them. …

MS in US, which college to choose from multiple admits?

  1. cleared GRE, TOEFL/IELTS
  2. applied for your universities
  3. got your admits from your favorite colleges

now, which college should I choose?

UT Dallas or University of Arizona or University of Oklahoma or Texas A&M or University of Houston or UW, Seattle …… and the list goes on .. !!

It is a tough question ! Let’s look at the criteria that help you with your question, with some FAQs along with example colleges.

Go in smiling, graduate out smiling !

I listed out the important factors that can help you pick the right college. And also listed out some FAQs for quick reference along with example colleges.

  1. Fees

Keep your Testers, Stakeholders, Developers, Customers Happy !

If a project takes more than 2 weeks to release, either break down the problem and release in chunks, each sprint, or say NO !

Keep your Testers, Stakeholders, Developers, Customers Happy !

Divide and Resolve. or say NO !

Because the project becomes uncontrollable.

Bigger chunks or scope of software is difficult to track, test and release.

Something that takes more than 2 weeks to release is difficult to control in startups — that are resource-constrained.

  • bigger scope: there could be a very big scope of work to be released in 1 cycle.
  • ad-hoc requirements: unregulated or ad-hoc requirement additions that could increase the scope of…

Easiest way to get away to a jungle (safari + resort) !

Traveling to a jungle? Amazing idea !

.. but it’s a painful task. Why?

Because, you have to Book :

  1. a stay in jungle
  2. nature walks or bird watching
  3. a safari to see the wildlife

Stay in Jungle

Easy, you can book it yourself, from Google.

But there’s a catch !

Is your stay closer to safaris and nature walks?

Nature or Bird watch

You want to see birds in the jungle or take a nature walk in the peripheries of the jungle. But how do you do it?

Hire a local guide ! Can you trust that person?

Safaris to watch wildlife

A jungle safari to show your kids some…

Tech, travel, life thoughts !

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