7 ways a new Product manager can succeed in an organization

As a PM, what would you do after you join a new organization ?

Ram Pulipati
4 min readDec 10, 2022


Usually, in PM interviews, this question is asked either in the Behavioral round or other rounds. Or even after you join the organization, this is an essential point to know.

How can a new PM succeed in a new organization ? Let’s look at it..

(Here a PM is a Product manager, but it usually applies to a Technical Product Manager, or Project manager, or Program manager too)

Product managers have a hard time after joining a new organization! PC: Davide Cantelli

Hurdles for a PM after joining a new organization

  1. Who are the stakeholders
  2. How to get introduced to the stakeholders
  3. How to learn about the product
  4. What’s the pulse of the customer, what do they want?
  5. Why a particular feature is built? And what is the product decision for a particular feature?
  6. How everyone handles the disagreement— how to handle the seniors ?
  7. How to contribute or write to the first PRD or user story
  8. How to pitch the first product requirement to the stakeholders
  9. How much technical knowledge to gain?

What should a PM do after joining?

1. Find out who are the stakeholders. And How to get introduced?

Usually, PMs deal with stakeholders and get an agreement on what needs to be built and keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Generally, in any organization — PM stakeholders would be —

  1. Fellow PMs,
  2. Engineering teams,
  3. Customer support teams,
  4. Sales teams,
  5. Marketing teams,
  6. Project management,
  7. UI/UX,
  8. and the leadership team.

Figure out who are the heads of each of these departments and set up 1:1s with each of them for intro calls.



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