6 types of “Data Engineers” that a Data PM should target !

Data Engineering “User personas”

Ram Pulipati
5 min readNov 27, 2022


In this blog let’s look at:

  1. Who are Data Product managers
  2. Different stakeholders in Data domain
  3. BUT, Who are data engineers and what does success look like for a data engineer/analyst?
  4. BUT, Why there are different data engineer personalities?
  5. 6 types of Data engineer personalities (Likes, and Dislikes)
  6. Conclusion

Who are Data product managers?

Data product managers are a specialized set of product managers who build products in data & analytics ecosystems.

We as product managers build products to resolve the pain points of the users. Users’ pain points can only be understood by deeply understanding the personas of the users.

know user personas and their pain points

Different stakeholders in Data domain:

  1. Data engineers/analysts
  2. Data modeler
  3. Data governance team
  4. Data security team
  5. DB admin
  6. Team Management (managers, directors, VPs)
  7. Upstream teams who own data
  8. End clients/ business clients (internal or external)

This is the high-level list of different stakeholders in the Data domain. Each stakeholder will have a lot of nuances in her role to perform her job successfully.

Data Product managers need to understand their stakeholders’ roles and nuances deeply before building the products.

For today let’s pick one stakeholder and study about their likes and dislikes …

Today let’s look at just — 1. Data Engineers/analysts


Who are data engineers and What does a data engineer’s success look like?

Data engineers transport data from point-a to point-b. In an organization the data engineers need to perform these tasks to make themselves (and also…



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