3 reasons why i HATE my “micro-manager”, but also LIKE him !

beware of some micro-managers

Ram Pulipati
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  1. Micro-managers type-1
  2. Micro-managers type-2
  3. Lets talk about type-2 (love & hate)
  4. Finally ?
Chart — types of managers (@upmatech)

Micro-managers type-1

Micro-managers doesn’t always need to be someone who does micro management of you — such as what time are you coming in, what time are you leaving for lunch, how much time you worked etc.

I personally feel — run away from them !

Micro-managers type-2

This is someone who takes your work and does more of it, before you start doing it. This person comes up with suggestions, strategies and sometimes solutions also even before you start your work.

Sometimes you would feel like — “why don’t you give me a problem statement and let me run with it. I know what to do, let me deal with it.” That’s the feeling you get when you deal with this person.

Do i want to work for them?

Let’s talk about this type-2:

Before passing a judgment, let’s talk a bit.

Macro-managers give a 10000ft view and let you take over. As an employee you do the work, give them the regular updates, and they’re happy. They guide you when required.

Micro-managers type-2 give a 10000ft, 6000ft, 500ft and 200ft etc views. Usually, as an employee you have a certain way of solving a problem. But now that you have their input as well, see where their viewpoints fit or don’t fit with your solution. Explain to them why your way is right, their way is wrong or vice versa. and then move forward.

This has its pros and cons.


  • they give so much input, you feel less empowered
  • with too much input they confuse rather than clarify
  • a manager’s input must be towards asking you the right questions and guiding you towards the right direction, not providing employee with solutions :)



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